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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 5, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm MDT

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tonight. you can see behind us at this hour the rose rose at eisenhower tunnel look pretty good. complete standstill. >> in the pic for talking about 10 miles of on and off track if of this east of the silverthorne to the idaho springs area. extended well into the ee being as people made their way home from the three-day weekend.
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in a half an hour just to go 10 miles. >> it never ended. in a steady all the way. >> smartphone navigation warn drivers what they were getting into. so too did word-of-mouth at gas stations along the interstate's first anticipated heading back later in the day. >> jonathan martinez and his family are headed back to denver after a long day of fishing. but what could be a frustrating into a relaxing weekend won't get martinez down. >> i turned up the music, and enjoy the beautiful colorado weather. it could be worse. >> at one point it was
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commute from silverthorne to denver. >> just about an hour ago, traffic improved quite a bit from what we were seeing earlier this evening. once you get to this area you should not have any issues. reporting live from genesee. >> a live look outside. you can see there are some clear skies. tracking your forecast. >> a look at the first week of september. >> it was after a very hot star. ninety yesterday, 90s today. just a lot of 90s and very little rain activity.
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warm stretch. impact on your day tomorrow. >> no details tonight. offshore today with near hurricane force winds bringing rip currents across the coaster national weather service said hermine will slowly wonder off. several area beaches may remain close come tomorrow. whether
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limerick county are out battling the starwood wildfire burning northwest of fort collins. the fire has burned around 350 acres and threatening 30 buildings. firefighters say that fire is about 35 percent contained. >> a nonprofit endeavor that helps take reaching out to the problem solvers for help after they believe someone stole some of the playground equipment. >> they tell me they're missing their basketball hoop it is a full-size one the kind where you can feel the bass base with rocks were water so it stays put. but apparently that was not enough to stop these reported thieves. >> venture for success endeavor is a little bit
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>> we serve underserved children. >> almost all of the 40 kids who come here are from low income families. the toys they play with at daycare may be their only twice since been able to colossi, dribbled the ball a little bit and work on, to the children they think they might be the next mba or wnba star. so they play basketball a lot. >> working with their hand eye coordination, working with their cognitive skills. basketball parks. >> so i could throw it up to the air and i'm going to get bigger and bigger when i eat cupcakes. >> when they got to school on thursday they found a pile of rocks where there full-size basketball hoop is supposed to be. >> and it was gone. >> the facility directors believe someone off the fence is stole it. >> not just a nonprofit, from
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angry. why a? because they took it away. >> almost everything the kids had here to play with is donated. so getting a toy replaced is a lot easier said than done. as many other nonprofits know we work on what many would call a strict budget. >> a budget that just does not have room for a new hoop said it meant a lot to us as small as it was but it was meant meant more to them than us. >> the people center tell me they had not filed a police report yet but they plan to pick if you would like to help, for a new hoop you can send us an e-mail to tips@kdvr .com. >> involving the shooting of a douglas county deputy and friday that led to the lockdown of three schools in parker, the family of gunmen randall roenick issued a statement today about the case.
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would like to extend their deepest sympathies to detective geer bright and his family and to all who have experience pain and suffering caused by the event in parker. doctor say detective bright is making promising progress and he has now responded to stimulus. investigators say the incident began when officers saw erotic carrying weapons between his home in rv. roddick then started driving the rv and shooting officers that he detective bright. should police shot and killed roddic >> deborah police say they are investigating two separate deaths in the first on 22nd in washington, the other on 30th and chabad. it is not clear if these death are related in right now police have not sent send out any other details about either situation. we will keep you updated if we get new information. >> tonight police in westminster
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murder. gerrit strange is a suspect in the shooting death of a woman saturday night. in the 40s the 4,200th block of 70th place. per identity has not yet been released. police say the man was passed several warrants out for his arrest and should be considered dangerous. if you have any information on his whereabouts, please want to hear from you. >> yesterday morning a student walking to the underpass at broadway and polished headed straight into trouble for a man grabbed her butt and thigh in which he fought him off he ran away. >> i don't usually worry. i don't think this is a place i should worry songsters say crimes like this can happen anywhere and you have to use good judgment. >> it's a bridge. and you save one person under it and i think
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>> the suspect has committed blame really dark hair, a very tense election, about 5-foot ten , 30-40 years old and very heavyset especially in his face. >> are bolder please also looking for a man who struck early saturday just across the street from campus for a woman reports waking up on the couch to a man trying to have sexual relations with herbert looks like this, black or 25 to 30 herbal, 58-510 with a stocky may have been wearing glasses and he may have driven off in a gold or silver suv. >> i thought about the reality of what's going on around campus since this recent graduate said she still feel safe. >> it can't make you paranoid. >> please do not think these cases are related if you recognize either suspect boulder
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>> it could be a fight for a parking spot sprayed where all those cars will go now. >> the prez obama taking sides in the caller kaepernick debate.
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could be say more red light cameras around town. city is expanding the system. forget those old white photo radar vans that sit on the side of the row catching speeders did the city could also be getting new mobile speed units that look like
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>> commuters who use the rtd flywheel station at i285 and broadway could be in for a big surprise come tomorrow. in large chunk of the parking lot there is now permanently closed. >> my advice if you want it to work on time, arrive really early for this parking lot can be packed robert pretty empty right now but it typically fills up early in the morning. then not really a big deal. does another parking lot with 3-400 parking spaces. the problem is that law is closing. not just temporarily, it is closing from really. >> it's a plan to turn light into something brighter denver city council last april approved plans to transfer this area near i285 and broadway turning cracked asphalt and weaves into
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>> is going to be one big master mix community, that's really walkable. it's really going to be dynamic. >> but that plan does come at the expense. >> i absolutely hate it. since now they are talking about taking the light rail parking away. that is. that is. >> rtd sunday permanently close this joint lot south of the tracks at north in mississippi so that construction can begin. commuters are now fighting for limited parking. >> when i do part down here, i would love to have a space available. >> it's about a 10-15 minute walk. >> i just think another complex is going to add more congested to what there already is down here with the construction they are doing next year. is going to cause more chaos. >> the city is adamant in its plans will include commuter
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specifics. >> are so going to be plenty of parking available but they left a flexible so we can build it into whatever development it ends up looking like. >> and for now, a long-term parking plan remains as uncertain as your chances of finding a spot tomorrow. >> i would assume there's going to be some chaos in this next week or so. >> rtd says it hopes the overall number of spots will remain roughly the same once the redevelopment is complete. but there will be a big impact. starting tomorrow, there will be 300 or so fewer spots because of the closed lot. and in 2017 several hundred more spaces will be eliminated on the north side of the station. >> a bit of cloud cover is moving over the northwest. the next system will cool it down a little bit. i love it on
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picture from the dinosaur national monument. it will sort of minimize the moisture. the chance is pretty small. we are going to have a cool down for denver. getting closer to the average for robert and average height will be about 83. we have cooled off this evening. is comfortable at the airport and downtown. been dancing around throughout the weekend. that's going to continue. in 75. i left 85 for the mid afternoon. that's fairly typical for this time of year. there is an 40s for the
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the planes. if you had rain yesterday, you might have some of that fog early tomorrow. otherwise that will come through as a little bit of a cool down. another line of thunderstorms, now go get a little bit closer to denver. let's zoom in to future cast. there are bigger thunderstorms skirting off to the east. that is at 8:00. and then some cold air from those thunderstorms coming back in the metro area. generating another shower or storm. middle 80s even if you're the high country expect mostly 70s. core though for
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middleton. downtown 85, 84 for commerce city. same in stapleton. down in douglas county plenty of 73 cool spots conifer 69 degrees. and chance for a thunder shower. planning forecasts on wednesday. '88 on thursday now looks dry with upper '80s. >> a great mullah caught on camera by the denver fire department rescuing a little dog stuck inside a water meter pipit so-called said the dog had been stuck in the pit. the owner had taken off the lid to clean up the pit with the dog fell in the fire crews were able to get the
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back with his owners tonight. >> a labor of love how dental work is being performed for
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president obama is trending tonight for backing the caller kaepernick's right to protest. >> the 40 niners quarterback has refused to stand for the national anthem in recent preseason games to protest racial inequality. today the
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constitutional right to protest and that such demonstrations from athletes are not new to our country. a few other athletes have also acted with solidarity with kaepernick including most recently a soccer star megan rapinoe who chose to kneel during the anthem yesterday before her match. >> to british tourists are being called heroes in san francisco after they pulled an unconscious man to safety. the unplanned plunge after spotting a man in his 40s floating under the municipal pier at the aquatic park. he was face down in the water with a life jacket on and we thought he was going to go under. but when we realized he wasn't going to come back out of the other side of the bridge we just decided to jump in. >> steven hampen and stephen fest both still in and pulled the men to shore. they began performing cpr. hammond is a
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man before paramedics arrived and took him to the hospital. the victim is in critical condition. >> and check this out a wanted in austria lost or kill after a spider fell into her lap from the visor of her car and her vehicle ended up upside down in the water. the teen was on a boat ramp when a huntsman spider which on average is about an inch long appeared. she ran out of the car forgetting to put it in park in a rolled into the water. got to the scene it was re: submerged. >> a resident as unhappy after he says his line was defaced by city workers. coming up next, why he says the city is now refusing to do any work to clean it up after they painted over
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i just finished this last year. >> folks endeavor say the city refuses to clean up its own
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live. >> for homes have been damaged. this home really got the worst of it. the homeowner tells us is going to cost at least a thousand dollars to fix it and he says the city is refusing to do anything about it. >> it is a here i just it just sprayed all the way up and all the way to the fence and all the way up to the door. >> pressing came home one day in june to find his the front area of his home covered in white paint. >> it's pretty much cement the stuff you know it's not coming off. >> neighbor say a city truck was painting street lines on 13th avenue when a somehow malfunction in a street sweeper sent to clean up only made it worse. >> this is they said no problem,


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